WARNING! You could end up spending WAY too much for a Website that does nothing to make sales or grow your business!!

Whether you sell services or products, if you run a
small business, dont risk wasting another dime or
minute on your Website without reading this first...

Stacy, what a fabulous communicator you areclear, concise and to the point! You filled in so many blanks in my mind about practical ways to make my Website my #1 salesperson. I would have saved a few thousand dollars if I had heard this information before hiring my last two Web designers. EVERY business person who has a Website MUST listen to you FIRST! Dawn Jones - Successful Booking www.dawnjones.net

From the desk of Stacy Karacostas,

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you thinking about having a new Website designed?

Or redesigning the one you have now?

Or maybe even building one yourself?

If so, you owe it to yourself to read this letter. Because if you dont you could easily end up with a Website that:

  • Looks nice but doesnt do a darn thing to make you money
  • Is so unappealing and/or poorly organized it actually hurts your business
  • Has all kinds of fancy bells and whistles that costs you an arm and a leg, but kill your chances of making a sale.

In all three cases you might as well just take a match to the money you spent. And sadly, ineffective Websites are the norm (not the exception).

Think about it

How many times have you landed on a Website, only to leave in frustration a few seconds later?

Maybe it was one those sites you discover doing a search. Only once you click on the link, you cant find what you were after anywhere...

Or maybe you clicked a couple links into the site, then couldnt find your way back to where you started

Or you didnt find the information you needed to confidently buy the product or service

Or the page took so long to load you went to another Website

Or you couldnt even tell what the site offered at all!

So what did you do? You clicked away and went to another site in search of what you wanted. Right?

The funny thing is, we can all recognize a bad Website in a heartbeat when its somebody elses. But its hard to know if your own site is making business-killing mistakes because youre too close to it.

Yet if you dont know, you could be wasting time and money. And youre missing out on the opportunity to put at least part of your sales process on autopilot.

Clearly, with all the competition out there, just having a Website isnt enough. You need a site that effectively sells your products or services. Otherwise someone with a better Website is going to take business away from you.

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Heres the thing

You have just 4 seconds to grab someones attention on the Web AND let them know you have what they want!

Then you have to make it really easy for them to find it. If you dont, people can (and will) click away from your site in a heartbeat.

Just take a gander at these scary statistics from Gartner Group:

  • 85% of visitors abandon a new site due to poor design

  • 50% of Web sales are lost because visitors can't easily find content

  • 50% of visitors leave when a site takes more than 15 seconds to load

  • 40% of repeat visits are lost because of a negative experience

Your Website has to be organized, designed and built the right way, or you are going to lose visitorsand sales.

Sadly, most Websites arent built to sell a gosh-darned thingnot even you or your services.

The thing isMaking money online isnt about having a pretty Website. All too often, even the best looking sites dont make a dime (no leads, no sales, no nothing!).

Its about having a site thats clean, well-organized and professional. And one that is designed and built with a specific goal or purpose in mind.

But most sites are designed with no other goal than letting people know you exist. Or the generic grow and market my business.

Why would you pay for that when your Website can be a powerful (and super- inexpensive) tool for growing your business?

It could be funneling hot leads into your Inbox

Or getting people to pick up the phone and call, sign up, or whip out their credit card and buy from you (without you having to do any sales in person or on the phone!)?

Of course, you cant make all this happen with any old Website. But you can turn your current site into one heck of a salesperson. Or have one built for you that does the job quite nicelywithout breaking the bank.

The best part is, these are often the easiest and cheapest type of site to build. But theyre not the type of Website most small business owners have built for thembecause they dont know any better. And their Web person probably doesnt either (more on this shortly).

"They say there is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot ~~ and Stacy's expertise really illuminates the difference. Her magic worked on my new website. I continue to get better than an order a week (that's going on 3 months now)- which is actually a record number of sales for me for this time of year in 34 years of paddle making.

Having a lame website is like having a mushy cast on your leg- it doesn't fail you until you really need it - and then it's more like a spectator to the wreck than a help. Having an effective website is like a key structural unit - it may not be life or death- but it could well make the difference between thriving and just surviving.

I just can't put into words how much my plump little bank account appreciates your help!! (I do too - really). I'm gonna crank this machine and make a real living! I've been waiting all my life for this. Thanks again...